Portraits After Dark: Last Session of 2015

It is coming to an end of 2015 soon. The last session of the year for OIC: Portraits After Dark had been a good closure. Some of the following pictures are courtesy of Jason T Photography.

Most who know me have comfortably enjoying a particular fashion of my drawing. The following is the sample.

A little masking tape to mark out the area for coloring.

I have achieved this with a brush pen and masked the area which I watercolored within. It accentuates the facial features like a spotlight. But for this final session, I was trying to change the fashion using a parallel pen. The following is the outcome.

First portrait of the night.
Using the parallel pen, I can achieve the fine lines and checkers for background.
I stylized the couple with a little caricature flavor.
This pair of sisters were done without penciling.
This Russian couple requested a setting of Singapore flavor, so I added the skyline.
This Belgian couple has some distinguish features.
The happy posers with their favorite pieces, including my art.
The smiling couple posed with their chosen arts, mine is there.

The whole experience of using parallel pen and minimum coloring allows me to complete each of them in about 10 minutes. Surprisingly, even when this technique took me away from my comfort zone, I could managed it with a good speed. Overall, I love the edgy strokes, a little sketchy, which match well with minimum coloring. My personal intent is never to draw in detailed and close-resemblance but to capture their essence of the moment and some slight resemblance.

It was a wonderful way to round up the calendar with some interesting experiments and challenges for portrait drawing. In the new year to come, I will continue to explore more.


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