A visit at CU Latte, Bangkok.

A old pal invited me to his birthday party at Bangkok. The celebration was held at CU Latte. It is a cafe of Social Enterprise which serves the Single Estate Slow Coffee Phahi Chiangrai where profits will help better the life of their farmers.

My dear friend, Gordon arranged to bring me along with a few more friends to the cafe before the celebration of his birthday.

CU Latte at 8pm local time

I am not a food-person but I do appreciate good coffee. While savouring their coffee, I could not help but picked up my drawing pen and sketched the interior of the premises before it was getting dark.

The actual setup is more interesting than my sketch
The sketch of the cozy place

Then there was a gentleman waltz in, according to reliable source, he is none other than Chef Kammoon of Nihon Sushi! He was watching me sketching and requested me to do a portrait of him after I have done. I never miss the opportunity to sketch celebrities! (Well, this was my first, actually.)

The portrait of Chef Kammoon
The photo of proof. Hahahaha!

He happily rewarded me with 1000baht for the effort and he was smiling all the way. And I gladly donated to CU Latte for their good cause. That made 2 happy men!

A caricature of the pretty Barista

I didn’t stop there, of course. The Barista happily wanted me to do a caricature for her. I respectfully obliged to thank her for the good coffee.

Caricature of Amyammy
Another request from the Server of CU Latte, Pier.


It was a wonderful day spent at CU Latte with a bunch of great friends and I had a splendid time sketching away.

Friends, wonderful pals. Great company.



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