Digital Portraits of 2014

Last year, a Facebook group was created for Virtual Portrait Class where participants can upload portraits they did. Here is my contribution, all digital in less than 20 minutes. It was a terrific platform for training. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Portrait_Practice1_LR Portrait_Practice2_LR Portrait_Practice3_LR Portrait_Practice4_LR Portrait_Practice5_LR Portrait_Practice6_LR Portrait_Practice7_LR Portrait_Practice8_LR Portrait_Practice9_LR Portrait_Practice10_LR Portrait_Practice11_LR Portrait_Practice12_LR Portrait_Practice13_LR Portrait_Practice14_LR Portrait_Practice15_LR Portrait_Practice16_LR Portrait_Practice16_LR2 Portrait_Practice17_LR Portrait_Practice18_LR Portrait_Practice19_LR Portrait_Practice20_LR Portrait_Practice21_LR Portrait_Practice22_LR Portrait_Practice23_LR Portrait_Practice24_LR Portrait_Practice25_LR Portrait_Practice27_LR Portrait_Practice28_LR Portrait_Practice29_LR Portrait_Practice30_LR


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