Godzilla Contest at The New Paper, Singapore.

This art jamming contest was organised in conjunction with the movie launch in Singapore.

These are my two creation, my first drawings on Godzilla as I don’t fancy much of it when I was young.

The Showdown. Godzilla's might vs men's weapon
The Showdown. Godzilla’s might vs men’s weapon

This was conceptualised based on the brewing moment of the showdown. Man vs Monster. Arsenal crash. Whatever the result, we will suffer, anyway.

Modern Conflict
Modern Conflict

This depicts our innate like an autopsy. The conflict. We have men brave enough to confront the monster. We have people trying to capture the surreal moment. And also, the people  who should be running for their dear life.


I wish that I have more time to craft them as I have only done both in 2 hours each.

Vote for me if you think they are worthy. Thanks.


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