My love for foliage in urban sketching

Here are some second stage pieces of my urban sketching discovery.


As I went around searching for buildings and architecture to sketch, I stumbled upon parks and gardens. The trees, shrubs and some horticultural landscapes have became my focus. The greenery which I passed by without having a second look caught my attention suddenly. Each and every plant or tree is different from one another. Each possesses its own characteristic, charm and beauty.

I found an organic way to express them: Brush Pen Technique

At this early stage, the brush pen was not easy to control. However, I tamed the troublesome tool with ease. I am a ‘line-art’ person. The fundamental element of sketching is lines. With the right perspective, it forms recognisable shapes, density and depth.

Toa Payoh Park




Bishan/Ang Mo Kio Park



Jalan Bukit Merah



A view from Maple Business Centre



Ang Mo Kio Park



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