First Sketchwalk: Ponggol Waterway



When I first joined Urban Sketchers Singapore group in FB in November 2013, I really didn’t know much about urban sketching. In this sketchwalk, I discovered a whole new horizon of creativity.

Fellow sketchers all came prepared with apparatus, tools, stools, etc. Some did painting on the spot!

I was totally unprepared but I did what I was good at. Just pure line work. The images below were touched up after I grasped hold of the available tools which I unheard of.

I was ignorant, totally oblivious to the artistic world which escalated while I busy doing advertising full-time.



This is purely Pen and wash with Water-brush. I have inserted diluted-ink in the water-brush to get a half-tone black to bring out the layers when my lines fell short.



This is a digital water-colour simulated effect on the very same piece.



These were the sketchers on that day having their time bonding with papers, canvas, colouring medium and fellow sketchers.




This was done under the bridge. The line work was very flat, which I have to touch up with the water-brush.

Lesson learnt: Weather is a key factor which affects your performance on site. No matter how prepared I was, there is always be issues. Improvise. Adapt.



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